Frequently Asked Questions


How many promises can I make in an I Promise?
3, 5 or 10 promises.
How much is an I Promise?
How big is an I Promise?
All I Promises come in at a cute 10.6cm wide, 10.6cm tall and 6mm thick, which feel just right in your hands. Individual cards are a tad smaller at 10.2cm wide, 10.2cm tall and 0.5mm thick.
What colours do I Promises come in?
Letterbox Red with White Foil Blocking or Royal Blue with Gold Foil Blocking. All our cards are printed on highest quality off-white velvet card and printed to incredible resolution. 
Do you do I Promises in other colours than red and blue?
Not yet. But email, Facebook or Tweet us your suggestions and if there's enough interest we'll make a new pack. 
How do I make my promises?
Easily. Just click the Get Making button, choose your design, fill out the From/To card and then start writing your promises. If you need a hand just click the Ideas button and we'll give you some inspiration. To change the icon on a card just click the default envelope icon or the Icon button and choose from the list.
Can I get a custom number of promises?
Not yet. But emailFacebook or Tweet us how many you'd like to send and if there's enough interest we'll make a new pack. In the meantime, you can always buy a few more promises than you need and leave out some promises when you give it. Or if you need more, you can buy two packs.
Can I suggest some new icons for cards?
Sure, we're always interested in hearing about new icons for promises. Just emailFacebook or Tweet us and we'll see what we can do.
I've submitted my I Promise but want to change some promises. Can I?
Sadly, no. Once you've submitted your I Promise we'll have got to work printing it so you'll need to make another.
I want to do a batch of I Promises, all the same. Can I?
Yes. But not through our site. Get in touch with us and we'll make you a bespoke order.
Can I send different I Promises to different people?
Yes. Once you're finished doing one just hit Get Making Again and start the process over again.
If I want an I Promise which isn't for a birthday or anniversary is that ok?
Absolutely. Nothing in our process limits the occasion for an I Promise, so simply Get Making.
Can I Promises be emailed to friends and family?
Right now we only offer the physical product because we feel it means more to get something real. 
I want my I Promise to be a secret. Does it come in anonymous packaging?
You bet. We dont want to ruin any surprises, so our packaging is plain white and we've made sure not to put any logos on it.
Are all my promises private?
Yes. Your promises are between you, our site and your special someone. We'll never publish your name and promises together or any promises that can be identified to you.
What is the friends and family section in my account for?
If you tell us about your close ones we can send you some promises for inspiration before their birthday or your anniversary.
Your site isn't working. What do I do?
We're most likely on it and will be back up soon but emailFacebook or Tweet us us just in case. Before that please make sure you're using an up-to-date version of your browser. Please note we do not support Internet Explorer 6 and 7. It's easy to update your browser though. Take a look here.
Can I get my I Promise sent next day delivery?
Yes, just choose Express Delivery at checkout. Please note Express Delivery will arrive tomorrow if made before 12pm. After 12pm, your I Promise will arrive the day after tomorrow. Please note, signatures are needed for Next Day option
My I Promise hasn't arrived?
We're sorry to hear that. Get in touch and we'll see what's going on for you.
I got my I Promise but it's damaged. What can I do?
Get in touch with us and we'll investigate it. 
My I Promise has arrived but it's wrong. What can I do?
Get in touch with us and we'll investigate it. Please note if your I Promise arrives, it is the right colour, has all the promises and icons as you submitted them, then we cannot offer any refunds.